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The purpose of this technique is to: Remove the existing surcharge of emotions in time.

The surcharge of emotions comes from either memory from the transgenerational as people we don’t even have met it could be grandparents of earlier generations as far as a few hundred years ago!

Memories can also merge to us from a collective point of view as people in our immediate surroundings as friends, lovers, or immediate parents, and many more…

Emotions are related to memories, they will somatize in some very specific areas in your body creating tension points in your rib cage. They are directly connected to vertebrae’s in your back using the ribs as some pathways thus creating some pain and incomfort from front to back.

Theses awaiting memories are sitting there and they get annoying as soon as you are in a context or related to a similar vibration from a distant story or from any media.

You know the feeling this story gets to me, can we talk about another topic please…

The existing surcharge of emotions come from the memory itself, we can cope with it usually, but when its awakened by an outside media the charge is too heavy so we just try to put it to sleep again, until its awakened again …

To eliminate this surcharge of emotions there is only one way …

And since that we can’t take the memory out, all we can do is to take away the detonators or the fuses so theses the memories do not come to life again.

What if other people’s negatives stories wouldn’t affect you anymore?

What if life patterns could be easily avoided?

What if all you had to do was to manage only your good memories and keep them alive, so that they will attract more of similar experiences in your life from now on.

All this is now accessible whit in just a few appointments using the R.E.S.E.T.

Dont’ forget that all your past experiences, don’t have to become a life sentence spend with your loved ones, and family !

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